I’m just a curvy girl trying to to inspire other curvy girls

My curves have defined me my entire life, so I have experienced first hand the difficulties of finding the courage to love my body. Learning to love your body in a world that is constantly telling change it, isn’t easy at all. I desperately wanted to see women that looked like me doing everything that I loved to do, and still be plus size.  Just because I’m a curvy girl, doesn’t mean that I don’t like to travel, attend yoga classes, or indulge in fashionable clothing. Not only is there a lack of representation of women loving their bodies in mainstream media, but also a lack of plus sized women represented. According to the International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology, and Education in the U.S., the average woman is between a size 16 and 18. Unfortunately, these women only make up 3% of the representation in mainstream media. Why is this the standard?

On my journey to self love, I discovered that there were other women craving the same thing I was. More representation of plus size women that love their bodies while indulging in things that we love to do as plus size women! Also a safe place free of judgment, and full of encouragement. This is where my vision for Curvaceous Lush was born. I not only wanted to create this platform, but also wanted to be a resource for curvy women to empower them to embrace their curves.

Most importantly, I created Curvaceous Lush to be more than just a brand, but also a community. A community of curvy women bonding together over the things that we are passionate about. Breaking all the rules and taking risks. Crushing the stigma of what plus sized women can’t do, and showing the world what we can do!

So to all my curvy girl’s out there, our time has arrived. Join me and the movement of women not afraid to embrace their curves, indulging in all the things we love. Living boldly, living free, and living curvaceously! We’re on this journey together!


Jasmine Reeder

Creator and Founder of Curvaceous Lush