Thirty, Flirty, and Thriving: A Year in Review


Thirty-one already!? Seriously though, where has the year gone? Thirty was a big milestone for me. At the beginning of the year I told the universe that I was ready for change, and that I would allow myself to be more open to vulnerability. Well, change definitely happened. For starters I quit my stable 9-5 job. Yeah I said it. I quit my freaking job. I was miserable at my current job. Not only was it a toxic work environment, but most importantly it was causing me to become stagnant in my own business that I was creating. I would literally come home and crash out of sheer exhaustion. This left me with no time to put any work in or focus on my business. Deep down I knew that this needed to change. If I wanted to see results I had to take a risk. Let me just pause here for a second to say to anyone that has ever taken this leap of faith, I applaud you! There were times that I wanted to crawl into a ball and cry (no but seriously!). Quitting your job can leave you feeling helpless, but I can guarantee that you will arrive on the other side stronger, and you will have so much clarity. For anyone thinking about quitting their job to jump start their entrepreneurship or maybe you just need a change? Do it! Honestly, once I quit my job so many things in my life shifted. I knew quickly after, that this was a risk worth taking. While living in the aftershock of quitting my job, a few things started to happen. First, I became more aware of the things that really mattered. Like how maybe that daily $8 cappuccino from Starbucks might be a little excessive. Or how you don’t have to take Uber everywhere especially if you live in a city with public transportation. Also, I started to see what relationships were bringing value to my life. Quitting your job can leave your emotions all over the place. I am so grateful for the friends that stood by me, and reassured me that it would be ok. I also learned to practice gratitude. This was actually the most insightful lesson for me. I learned to be grateful for all things in my life including the turmoil. You might say, dang girl you learned all of that from quitting your job!? Sure did! The crazy thing was, that despite feeling a little bit overwhelmed at times, doors were still opening for me. I found a job that actually worked with my schedule. This allowed me to put in as much time as I wanted into my business. During my transitional period, I was also able to build a stronger foundation for my business that has allowed me to experience substantial growth in a little less than a year. I’ve also made some awesome partnerships and connections that I am truly grateful for. Last year, I had envisioned what my 30th year would look like, but the result was something completely different. It turned out exactly how it was meant to be! If I can leave you with any advice of what I’ve learned over the past year, it would be that the greatest journeys take risks, but you’ve totally got this. You are a lot stronger than you think! Also, open your mind and heart to new possibilities. Just because it’s not the outcome you envisioned, doesn’t mean that you haven’t made progress. Follow your passions, and put action to it! Don’t let it be just a dream, it can become your reality. Lastly, practice gratitude. Take time to be thankful, and to sew blessings into others. I promise you, it will come back.

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