Curvy Girl Diaries: The Truth About Getting Waxed As A Plus Size Woman


The truth. Well the truth is that waxing is for everyone, plus size women included. Have you been thinking about getting a Brazilian wax? With swimsuit season upon us, a lot of us are thinking about taking the leap and getting waxed. There are so many benefits to getting waxed, like smoother skin, longer lasting results, and less irritation than other hair removal practices. Wait hold up! I have so many questions! Girl, we do too! So we decided to do a little research to help ease an anxieties about waxing. I sat down with Georgia Ruggiero, a Master Esthetician and waxing specialist, to debunk any myths out there. Georgia has been a licensed esthetican in the DMV area for over 14 years! She is passionate about waxing. We are so excited to be able to share her wisdom with you.

Q: I’m a plus size woman, can I get waxed?

A: Being curvy or plus size shouldn’t prevent you from getting waxed. Professional wax technicians see all types of women with all types of bodies. Everyone is different, and that is totally ok. Their job is to make your feel as comfortable as possible and ease any of your anxieties. First things first, you do not need to apologize for your body!

Q: How can they maneuver my body on the wax table?  

A: During the process if your esthetician needs you to hold or move anything, she will ask. It’s that simple. So be prepared to be hands on during the process. Women that have been getting waxed regularly will tell you that eventually you will get so used to your technician’s technique, that you will being to learn where to hold and when during the process to make it even easier.

Q: What should I wear to a waxing appointment?

A: Well you will take off everything waist down, typically it’s best to wear loose fitting clothing or a dress, so that you can just slip off the undergarments. Most importantly, wear whatever makes you feel the most comfortable.

Q: What type of wax should the technician use?

A: This really depends on the place where you get waxed. There are many different types of wax and different techniques. We suggest the use of hard wax, especially with Brazilian waxing. Hard wax is a lot gentler on intimate areas. It also results in a cleaner wax with less breakage of the hair. You skin will be less irritated and last longer.

To make your waxing experience easier Georgia suggests the following:

  1. Let your hair grow. It is important that your hair is at least ¼ of an inch long. So this means no shaving for around 3 weeks for the best results. (yess girl 3 weeks, but it’s so worth it!)

  2. Take some Advil before you waxing appointment, it will help ease the pain

  3. Tell your esthetician about any skin sensitivities or allergies so they can determine the right type of wax and before and after care to use on you.

  4. Gently exfoliate the skin before and them again a couple of days after your wax to help prevent ingrown hairs.

When looking a salon to get your waxing services Georgia suggests to:

  1. Make sure they are reputable salon, check the technician’s credentials, which should be clearly present in the salon/spa.

  2. Go to a specialty wax center or spa. Would skip on getting waxed at a nail salons.

  3. Check for yelp reviews or any other review platform before booking an appointment,

  4. Connect with a friendly technician, someone that has the reputation

So if you were on the fence about booking your waxing appointment we hope that we’ve given you a little boost to book your appointment! Summer is here girl, so let that skin show!


We can be curvy, fashion-forward, and fabulous! #jointhemovement