Designer Spotlight: Smart Glamour


All bodies are beautiful. That has been the core belief behind the brand Smart Glamour. Smart Glamour promotes body positivity and empowers women to love their body in a society where women face a lot of insecurities about their image.  It is clearly evident in their brand, which offers clothing ranging in sizes from XXS to 6X and beyond. Finally a brand that celebrates ALL bodies! Not only are the pieces to die for, but everything is customizable. Mallorie Dunn, the New York fashion designer behind the brand, put her passion for fashion and body positivity to reach women around the world. She wanted to create affordable quality clothes that made women feel empowered and confident. Shopping at Smart Glamour is more than just finding fashionable clothing in all sizes, it's about embracing that we are all different and that's perfectly fine "We are all born different – embrace that. Own your body – and dress it accordingly"

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Curvaceous Lush


We can be curvy, fashion-forward, and fabulous! #jointhemovement