Self Love Series: Speaking Affirmations


You've made the commitment to start a new journey and it's going to be great! Then it happens, the day we've all dreaded. You wake up on the wrong side of the bed, or you forgot to set your alarm and you're late, *insert face palm*. You can't find anything to wear and it's just downhill from there. On my journey of self love I realized that's its ok to have those days, because guess what they're going to happen. I started to make a list of things that I could do to help get me out of the funk when it's reallll funky.  One thing that I started doing is speaking daily affirmations to myself (yes it's totally fine to talk to yourself). First off, what is an affirmation? An affirmation is something that you say or think. Unfortunately a lot of what we say or think can be negative. So we have to turn that around. We have to teach ourselves to think positive and speak positive. Speaking positivity to yourself helps to affirm the life that you want to create. I find that speaking daily affirmations to myself help to keep my mindset in check, especially on those days that I'm not feeling that confident. On my desk I have a stack of post its and on them I write daily affirmations to myself. It can be as simple as. "You got this!" to "Love yourself". I place those post its on my vision board, or even my bathroom mirror. When I wake up, that note is one of the first things that I see, and I speak that affirmation to myself. Crazy thing is, it works! It's a definite mood changer. I've had days when I feel like I'm going to throw in the towel, but I just stop take a breather and speak positivity to myself. So girl, get to talking to yourself. Speak positivity into your life, diminish fears, and get to living the life you always wanted. You've got this! (This is me speaking an affirmation to you <3).


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