Style Files: Loft Plus Sizes


I was invited to attend the Loft Pop Up Plus Party in Dupont Circle a couple of weeks ago. It was hosted by the fabulous Dani Sauter and Cece Olisa. I had been anxiously awaiting to purchase a few of the pieces online, but I wanted to attend the party first to get a preview of the collection. After a glass of wine and a few conversations, I headed over to the plus size collection display. They didn't have a large selection at the party and I was looking for more of the items that they had online. I was able to find a few pieces that caught my eye, so I grabbed them not really expecting much, and headed to the fitting room.

Ok, so first up was a cute little black dress. I mean I really don't need another black dress, but I couldn’t resist the cute ruffle sleeves. Girllllllll, I slipped on this dress and to much of my surprise it was a perfect fit. Say what!? Yep, I said it! A perfect fit. Ok Loft I see you! The next dress that I tried on was this cute paisley print boho styled sleeveless dress. I even grabbed a size up, because I was unsure of the sizing and I’m always the girl in between sizes. Again a perfect fit, and I didn't have to size up! I was pleasantly surprised. Not only did it fit, but it was cute! This dress will definitely be worn all summer. The Loft staff and styling team were also a tremendous help. They were on hand to help, and wanted to know all feedback good and bad, which I thought was great.

To sum it all up, ladies I think you definitely should try out the brand. Based on my experience at the pop up plus party, I feel that their sizing is pretty spot on. I went home and ordered a few additional items online, so I will review those items soon on my 21Squared profile. I hope that they plan to expand carrying plus sizes in store! Thank you Loft for giving us curvy girls more fashionable options!


Curvaceous Lush 


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