Thirty, Flirty, and Thriving: 6 Month Check-In


Ok, so I hit the BIG 3-0 six months ago! Where does time go!? If you didn’t get a chance to read my initial post about turning 30 you can read it here. I wanted to do a six month check in about my 30th year, and how things are progressing so far.

Can you say transitions!? Holy moly! When you really open yourself up to change, and accepting all possibilities the universe really listens huh? I have been going through some much need transitions in the past 6 months. Let’s start with the biggest one, I left my 9-5 to focus more on my business Curvaceous Lush (*insert a million exclamation points). Yes, I did it! It was one of the biggest steps that I’ve taken like EVER. I have always had a typical, convenient, and secure 9-5. I left my management job in beauty industry a year ago only to jump right into another full time gig. What was I thinking!? It's ok, lesson learned. Trust the process. During this time, I was still only giving 10% of my time and energy to what was 100% my passion. 

180108_Jasmine 108edit.jpg

When I left the “job security” of a 9-5 it really opened me up to the possibilities that were in front of me. Big dreams=big risks. You have to take them. For the first time, in my life I kinda felt out of control of what would happen. I’ve learned that this is ok. I have not only continued to learn so much about myself, but I also realized that I am a lot stronger than I like to give myself credit for. Most importantly though, I learned to follow my instincts, and to stay true to myself.  I continue to learn that on this journey there is beauty in vulnerability, but you have to be open to it. Shout out to all of my friends that were there to give me advice and encouragement during this transition. 

After leaving my 9-5, I have been able to put much needed energy into my business. So much has happened with Curvaceous Lush, and I have some big news that I will be announcing next week! (Whoo hoo!). I was also able to host the first Curvaceous Lush event. The Curvy Girl Networking Happy Hour was an event focused on connecting the curvy community, and giving curvy women a chance to mix, mingle, and network. During the event, we also had a panel discussion featuring some amazing women, speaking about body positivity. It was great to have so many curvy girls in attendance,  meeting and talking about the things we are passionate about. This is exactly why I created Curvaceous Lush. Thank you to all that participated and attended the event! It was a success because of YOU! I will be announcing the next event very soon, so please make sure you  subscribe to be the first in the know!

Check out some photos from the Curvy Girl Networking Happy Hour!


If I can leave any word of advice, it would be to trust the process. Don't base your successes on someone else's. Stay true to yourself and your passion. My journey continues. 


We can be curvy, fashion-forward, and fabulous! #jointhemovement